Thursday, June 12, 2008


So much happening, so little time to write. We're heading on our annual journey to the hills of Pennsylvania this Saturday. As usual, Mark will be working 3 weeks of basketball camps, and the kids and I will be off on adventures to Boston, the beach, visiting old friends, and many peaceful mornings on campus, feeding the psychotic geese, blowing bubbles, riding bikes and whatever other whim takes over us. I already checked my dozen books out of the library (I do a LOT of reading on this trip), bought all our fun vacation snacks, and have the kids little backpacks filled with all sorts of goodies and surprises.

Something a little extra exciting for me this time around is that as of tomorrow, I'm done with my babysitting job. I am so thankful it came along when it did because it was an absolute answer to prayer. It's been 4 months of Monday through Friday 7:00a.m. to 5:30p.m. And now, IT'S OVER!!!!!! I can't explain to you how thankful I am to be spending the rest of my summer with my own two kids. The older they get, the more fun I'm having, and I am psyched to be just us again, and to have the freedom to say yes to whatever comes along because I won't have 4 or 5 (depending on the time of day) in tow.

So we're ready to get our lives back, we're ready for a fun vacation, and we'll be really ready to come back to Columbus and jump right back in to the fun and contentment we've found here.


gretchen said...

jumping back into Columbus a little too late to see your good friend Gretchen---but I hope you have a great time anyway. YAAAAAHOOOOO--for no more babysitting!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip!! I am sure you will! And yippeee that you are done babysitting. you can just enjoy jake and rory!

Full of JOY said...

i am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! :) i am not going to say a WORD about the fact that i am dying that i am not there or about how sad i am that glenn :) saw mark in church today!!!!!