Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where Are My Beloved Maples?

Fall means so many things...OSU football, gorgeous colors, pumpkins, apples, scarecrows, trick-or-treating, turkey, cider...I can't even begin to list it all. This year I will even go so far as to say the World Series. We all know I'm not the world's biggest baseball fan (I'll take football and basketball first), but when you're born and raised in Boston, the pride is always there. Well, the heartbreak until a few years ago, but now, definitely the pride. That's not what this post is about, I just had to throw it in there. I was noticing the other day that the trees in our little Ohio hamlet are different than what I'm used to. Growing up in New England and then spending another 10 years in northeast Pennsylvania, I guess I was spoiled by the foliage. There were maples and poplars and dogwoods at every turn, the hills are covered in reds, yellows, oranges, rusts, and tans, the streets are lined with fallen leaves. Maybe last year I was too preoccupied by our recent move to notice the details around me, but this fall I've noticed that yes, there is some color, but there are also tons of evergreens. It's weird. I'm used to blatant color with no interruption, but here it's more a sprinkling. Hmmm...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pushing Daisies

I was intrigued by the commercials all summer. As the new TV season got closer, I realized I wouldn't be able to watch it because on Wednesday nights Rory and I take Jake to Cubbies and stay up in that area until it's time to pick him up since it's a 25 minute drive, not to mention, it's around the corner from Easton, our amazing shopping area so there's plenty to keep us busy as we waste time waiting. Well, as it happens, I've seen the first 3 episodes because one person or another has been under the weather for the past 3 Wednesdays. I love this show! It's the most original series I've seen out there in a while. It's quirky and weird, sure, but it's whimsical, colorful, and interesting. Plus I love things that are narrated. If you liked the movie Big Fish, watch Pushing Daisies. Maybe I can catch the rest of the season in repeats next summer...

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Halloween Countdown

It's so funny to me that I've been blogging for over a year because it's interesting to look back and see what I was writing about this time last year. I wrote about their halloween costumes and how I would always try to find something homemade for them to wear (mostly for budget reasons). This year started out that way. I have the makings of a ladybug costume for Rory, thanks to my mom finding some fabulous ladybug wings for $3 after Halloween last year. Just a few additions and I have her all set. As far as Jake goes, I thought for sure he'd be a pirate, not only because there's a general pirate obsession with boys under a certain age in our country right now, but also because we have tons of pirate accessories from the dollar store floating around our house. But for some reason, Walmart had a major sale on costumes last week and I saw a Spiderman full body costume for wicked cheap! I HAD to get it. I simply could not resist it because of how much Jake points out spiderman toys, spiderman commercials, spiderman books, etc. The kid is obsessed (and this is without ever seeing a cartoon or anything...I think it's just inbred in boys or something.) So I caved and bought it. Because of the busy week we've had (lots of relatives popping in and out of town and lots of fun fall activities) I had forgotten about it until last night. I ran to get it to show Jake and Mark...I have NEVER seen my little boy happier EVER! The joy that came across his face was priceless. He put the mask on right away and ran to look in the mirror and just stared at himself---I could tell by his eyes that he was grinning. When he got his fill, he ran to show Mark and Mark got so excited and freaked out, for Jake's sake. When he went to bed last night, his prayer was simply thanking Jesus that he gets to wear spiderman for halloween. =) Since he woke up today, he hasn't talked about anything else. Am I glad I spent that 8 bucks?? Oh yeah. Every smile has made it more and more worth it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Last November I wrote a post called Around Town and this most delicious creamer was mentioned. (I was getting a big chuckle when re-reading the comments because they're from all our MN friends and their personalities are all evident in them...digression...) Anyway, my mom was visiting this past weekend and while we were out shopping, we spotted these in the creamer case. Our eyes got wide, I grabbed the Peppermint Mocha while she simultaneously and quickly said "GET THAT!!" How happy am I while drinking coffee this week??? PRETTY DARN!

(Side note: it might be cheesy to put this picture up, but my camera was nearby this morning, and who doesn't love a visual?)