Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pumpkin Bread and a Brown Sweater

No, this is not my take on Black Horse and a Cherry Tree!

My last entry is bothering me a little because I wrote to vent, and that’s not really what this blog is about. This blog is a commentary on the simple things in life, the things I really love and enjoy. So to leave on a more positive note today, I have two things to mention.

I made pumpkin cookies last week and had about a cup of pumpkin left, so I decided to make pumpkin bread too. I’m not a huge fan of baking because it’s too scientific. I LOVE cooking because it allows freedom to go on a whim and just toss in whatever. But I was reveling in the warm spicy aroma coming from my kitchen all morning. It was the perfect way to jump start the fall. Not to mention that when my kindred spirit from college got here, she was talking about pumpkin bread and pumpkin stuff and how they don’t have cans of pumpkin in Germany and she wishes she could use it more often. So when I showed her what I had JUST made, we were loving our kindred moment.

The second thing I’ll mention is my great find of the week. I’m not a huge shopper. Clothes aren’t really my thing. I mean, I try to stay somewhat on top of what’s going on out there, but I’m not trendy or die, unlike my sister, who is the most on-top-of-things person I know. I find a pair of shoes or jeans or a shirt and I wear it into the ground because I get very comfortable in what I know and love. Well, this week I happened upon the perfect fall sweater and it will see me through a lot of future coziness. It’s a dark brown sweater coat with a tie around the waist and a huge oversize hood. I don’t think I’ve ever found any article of clothing so completely perfect in my life.

So in keeping with my simple things…

Rough Day

Today has been a rough one for me and the kids. They have been bickering and screaming (Rory learned how to shriek like a total girl and we're trying to put the kabosh on that immediately!) and crying and fussing and I have a headache from it all. I tried really hard to pull them out of their mood, but it all started when we had to leave the park 5 minutes after we got there because Jake was misbehaving bigtime. I knew the worst punishment would be leaving, so that's what I decided to do. Hey, the kid will learn at some point. But ever since then, the day has gone downhill. I took the kids on a walk around the neighborhood to try to get their frustration out, and then Jake helped me weed the garden during Rory's nap, which he loves to do. But they are still going at it as we speak. Oh well. I haven't had a day like this since our apartment days of Minnesota. I guess toddlers and preschoolers just have random bad days too.

This weekend we're driving up to NW Ohio for Mark's brother's wedding, so the kids will be psyched to see Grandma and Papa. And they get to see their new and only cousin, Ella, too! When we come back it will be October--my absolute favorite month of the year. We have hayrides and apple picking and pumpkins and and lots of breezy autumn walks to look forward to.

Friday, September 22, 2006


We've had some amazing autumn days here and I am at my happiest!