Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rut Be Gone!

I've been a cooking maniac lately! It feels so good to be out of a rut and be on to bigger and better things. My goal has been at least two new meals a week, since I have all these great cookbooks, but this week I did four. I've been cooking with fresher ingredients, and it actually makes cooking more fun. To have to chop up the rosemary, smash the garlic cloves, etc--that's way more fun than getting dried herbs and spices out of the cabinet and my bottled minced garlic out of the fridge. So here are the new meals we ate over the past week:

Penne with spicy chicken alfredo
Chicken piccatta with whole-grain mustard roasted potatoes
Risotto with tuscan chicken
Garlic roast chicken with rosemary and lemon with pesto smashed potatoes

Some of them are keepers and some of them aren't, but it's great trying new things and finding out!


Jamie said...

So what is the tension like when Mark first enters a new meal into his mouth as you anxiously wait for his response?

Tara said...

A little worrysom, but nothing earth shattering. =) He's a good sport and we are very open and honest about the new recipes. I take no offense because he has come a LOOOONG way.

Full of JOY said...

wow- here's the most creative i got this week:

buying beef that was 97/3 and making a hamburger on my george foreman. i really like that ratio, though. :)

you never cease to amaze me!

Stephanie said...

hey tara, i have a cooking question for you ... what cook book do you recommend for someone who prefers baking but knows she should try to venture out?