Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Heart is Full!

It's snowing! So far this winter we have had NO SNOW, and I don't know if I can explain to people just how difficult it has been for me living in a place with no snow. We had a few flurries one day in the fall, and since then, nothing. Even now, it's only flurries, but at least it's still light out and I can watch while it lasts.

My eyes behold its beauty
As my hand Reaches out for its touch,
While my face
Feels that certain tingle
That makes me love
Snow so much!
My heart embraces its coming
The way a child frolics In the fallen snow!
My beautiful snowfall
Brings joy to my spirit
And sunshine to my day.
It doesn't matter
Whether it be a blizzard
Or a dusting of flakes,
Snow falling from the sky
To me looks the same
Any old way!
Snow, my ever lovely snowfall!
Be it Valentine's Day, President's Day,
And yes, Be it Groundhog Day!
Let it snow I walk in it,
As well as sing in it!
I play in the snow
And build my favorite snowman,
Then chase
Each falling flake
As fast as I can!
Each breath of air
Feels crystal clear
Making Winter so very dear!
Each descending flake
Falls as if it were
A blessing from the angels,
Appreciating this gift
Of nature from God,
More than any other
Man created pleasure!
Let it snow
As well as
Let the winds blow!
I wait for the snow every year,
And can't stop smiling
When it finally appears!
Snowfall, my snowfall!

--Holly Bianchi (Age 11)


Jamie said...

I tried to warn you guys that Columbus winters are pretty mild compared to PA, Boston, MN, and northern OH. So enjoy it while it lasts. If I had the power to do it Tara...I would bring some of the inches we have here to your doorstep.