Friday, January 12, 2007

Coffee Timeline

I realized the other day that my relationship with coffee has been an ever-evolving one. I don't know what got me thinking about the details of me and coffee, but here's what I came up with. In high school, I drank it once in a while, with a friend here and there, or on really cold days while slinging Christmas trees. Once I got to college, it was purely social. I didn't need coffee everyday, but I drank it mostly nights, when I went out with friends. There were many late nights at Perkins, Daylin with her pitcher of tea, Diana with her pitcher of decaf, and me with my coffee pitcher straightup. It was also in college that I was introduced to the wonderful gas station cappuccino, which is a little too sweet for me now, but delicious when combined with half regular coffee. This is still a road trip staple for me. Once I started working full time, that's when the everyday coffee came about. Not because I needed the caffeine, but because it was nice to have my mug waiting at my desk for me everyday, ready to be sipped all morning long. It was just habit. I got into bad habits though--drinking about 4 cups a morning and once in a while in the afternoon. That ended when I quit my job to have a baby. I went down to two cups a day, which I maintain to date. I still didn't need the caffeine, it was just love of the flavor and of being able to hold a mug everyday. Holding a mug provides a lot of comfort, for those of you who don't know because you don't drink hot beverages (Mark!). Once I had a second kid, THAT'S when the need for caffeine kicked in. I needed that jump start in the mornings. I still do need the caffeine, but I realized this week as I was thinking about this, that more than anything right now, for me, coffee holds the promise of a new day, a fresh start... Maybe it's because my kids are getting bigger, and there are so many changes around here. They need constant interaction, they are constantly learning, and they get that from me--all day long. I have been learning that I mess up as much as they do. I have a short fuse, I am learning to be a teacher since it doesn't come naturally to me, and I'm learning how to love my kids for the fact that they are little people with huge personalities, not just because they are my children to raise. So I try to sit with a cup of coffee every morning, not just sip on the go as I do things around the house. My kids are starting to figure out that for 15 minutes, Mom can sit and not get up--no filling cups, no changing pullups, no untangling necklaces or helping with lincoln logs. And as I sit there sipping, I'm thinking, What will we do today? Everyday is an adventure and everyday I have a fresh mug and a clean slate.


reddys said...

Ta...What a great topic! I never wanted to "get into" coffee...but when I was in high school and counseling at a Christian camp...that was the only hot thing to drink on the very chilly late summer mornings. Ajay and I decided a few months back to only drink decaf (even in the mornings). I don't need the caffeine...but, like you, just enjoy the mug and the warmth. The best is Coffeemates's Eggnog flavored creamer! Coffeemate is the best. I have Eggnog, Gingerbread and Cinnamon Vanilla Creme creamers all in the fridge.

Hates off to long conversations with good friends over coffee! I miss those days!


Full of JOY said...

ok...maybe YOU should be working for starbucks- not me!! that i think of it, i have some pretty strong relationships with coffee as well. ya know- a good cup will never let you down. :)