Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rest and Oscar

Last weekend I spent a glorious Sunday afternoon holed up in our basement. Sundays are the only days that Jake still takes a nap and for some reason, this past Sunday both kids took really long naps. I went downstairs and curled up on the futon with a quilt, my pillow, a book, and glass of water, and some chapstick (just for you, Jamie!). The original purpose of our basement was for Mark's sports memorabilia, the treadmill, a playroom for the kids, and storage. But it's turning out to be more than that. It's still all those things, and it's by far the kids favorite place to play. Probably because we have tons of bookshelves down there full of toys, blocks, activities, etc. But it's turning out to be a little getaway for me too. We have a nice comfy futon down there, a lamp to turn on when I don't want overhead lights, and it also houses all our books, since we don't have space for bookcases up in our living area. I love being surrounded by my books--it automatically makes for cozy living. We also put our old tv down there along with a $17 DVD player (LOVE black Friday!), so now it's the official place for kids movies. And on Sunday afternoons, it has become my safe haven to watch old movies. Sunday afternoon is always reserved for sports on the bigger tv upstairs. I have no problem with that--it's the American way. Maybe it's because we spent every Sunday afternoon at my grandparents' house while I was growing up, and because they always had old movies on all afternoon (they had cable a long time before us!), but I am so content to just sit down with an old musical or a black and white movie and loll the afternoon away. So last Sunday, after reading a few chapters of Harry Potter (I'm re-reading the whole series in honor of the final book coming out this July), I settled in with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck for an afternoon of "Roman Holiday." If you haven't seen it, SEE IT! It's a classic. We are talking pre-My Fair Lady, Sabrina, Funny Face, Breakfast At Tiffany's... It was Audrey's first movie and she won an Oscar that year for Best Actress. I love the Academy Awards, but don't like to put Mark through the torture, so I'll probably settle in on the futon once again this Sunday night for the Oscars. I just love when Sundays turn out to be what they are intended for. Rest...