Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek

I have a conundrum. Star see or not to see? Okay so I was watching Movie Mob on Reelz channel today. For anyone who hasn't seen this show it's a very entertaining way to watch movie reviews. 9 different people go to see the latest movies and then review them on their webcams. They create these funny names and personalities and it's sometimes very funny and sometimes very annoying, but I'm hooked. Each week you can go online and vote for your favorite movie reviewer and the person with the least votes gets kicked off the show and a new one comes in next week. It's just an ongoing thing...not a competition show or anything. I never vote, but I do manage to catch the show every week as it is on multiple times all week long. Anyway all that to say, because this show has such diverse personalities, the reviews are always inconsistent and all over the place. Some people love what other people hate, as is usual in life. every person reviewing Star Trek LOVED IT! It got 4 or 5 stars from everyone and I was so surprised by that. The other common comment between them all was that it MUST be seen on the big screen. Star Trek is one of those major blockbuster movies that I wasn't all that interested in, and probably would have seen it as a rental. I might have even waited until it showed up on TBS or FX or something. But now that the whole world is loving this thing, I'm left wondering...Am I missing out on a major movie going experience? Should I spend the $9 to see this on the big screen? Thoughts?


Jamie said...

i talked with someone today that saw it and he loved it. the theatre near us has $5 admission to the movies Monday - Thursday no matter what time. hmmm...i wonder what is playing in early August?

Eric said...

Ok, saw Star Trek last night - it was absolutely amazing! I'm not a trekkie - so I probably didn't get half of the references in the movie.....but even so, it definitely exceeded - by far - my expectations. It's loaded with great actors and actresses, great effects, great keeps you on the edge of your seat. I highly suggest that you should go see it!