Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 10 Movie Theatre Experiences

Definition: These are not my top 10 favorite movies. These are the top 10 movies that left me FEELING something…I sat in my seat speechless or left the theatre euphoric over the film I had just experienced.

1. Remember the Titans – Saw it with my Pennsylvania family (Mark, Jamie, Gretchen, Woody, Cliff, Ang). We all walked out of the theatre and immediately began freaking out. Left on a big high.

2. Slumdog Millionaire – Saw it with Faith. Getting through the grittiness of the Mumbai slums was so worth it as we sat speechless at the end with soaring hearts.

3. Fever Pitch – Saw it with Mark. Best date movie ever because Mark, who doesn’t like going to movies much, loved it as much as I did. Sports, romance, Jimmy Fallon humor, Red Sox winning…perfection!

4. Dan in Real Life – Saw it with Lydie. Laughed and hurt through the whole thing. Total resolution at the end…left feeling happy about life.

5. August Rush – Saw it with Lydie and Sam. Was hyperventilating and gripping the armrests during the last minutes as they came together.

6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Saw it alone. Very needed as an escape that day. It fit my mood perfectly…wanted to be carried away by something not real and something that would make me feel.

7. The Other Sister – Saw it with Gretchen. Thought it looked silly, but after weeks and weeks of Gretchen begging me to go see it, I finally gave in and it was SO WORTH IT. Left theatre feeling euphoric about life.

8. Reign Over Me – Saw it with Kristen. Basically having convulsions trying not to sob out loud. Will probably never see it again because it was so hard to get through, but glad I saw it once.

9. Never Been Kissed – Saw it with Gretchen. I really don’t love this movie at all anymore, but seeing it when I was younger was awesome. Gretchen and I literally floated out of the theatre and still talk about how it made us feel. =)

10. Stepmom and Patch Adams – Saw them with Gretchen. Tied because we cried so hard at the end of both.

I saw lots of teeny bopper movies with Tishka, lots of chick flicks with Gretchen, and lots of anything and everything now. Indies have become my recent favorite…plan on seeing Sunshine Cleaning soon. Movies make me happy. =) I’d love to hear about anyone else’s experiences…


Full of JOY said...

I left the theater feeling euphoric after I saw "P.S. I Love You". My heart actually HURT and then just FELT as the credits rolled!