Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Twas the week before Christmas and what can I say
No blogging for weeks, but I’ll explain if I may.

I came home from Thanksgiving way too sick.
But December is crazy with many tasks to lick!

So I started in right away, decorating and baking
With no rest I got sicker—and I wasn’t faking!

Finally it was all done, my house looked cheery.
I could sit and enjoy the season through my eyes so bleary.

Now that I'm healthy there’s fun stuff to do.
Town festivals and light spotting are the first two.

We’ve been watching our movies and reading our books.
Got some pics of my kids with some pretty cute looks.

We decorated our tree and had a party or two
The kids sang in big church, to name just a few.

Busy busy busy, but with really fun stuff.
December is magical so it never feels rough.

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care
Gifts are bought and wrapped and I can’t wait to share!

I’ve been very out of touch and I feel really bad,
But there are special times with my family that are being had.

And since I’m sure this post will be it for a little while,
Merry Christmas to all and a very big smile! =)


Lisa said...

Ok, I LOVED this poem! Now you can add Christmas Poetry to your list of things you've accomplished in the holiday spirit this year :) It must be so much fun doing all that christmas stuff with your kids.. there is something a little more magical about the holidays when you can share it with little people :) Our small town of Holly Springs just had their "Holly Days" last weekend... complete with free cups of hot wassail, a living nativity, carolers at the town square, the town christmas tree lighting ceremony, and a fire pit to roast marsh mellows. You would have loved it I feel :)

gretchen said...

Tara, this is great and no explanation needed. I have had so many more things to post but soaking it all in is way more important...

so glad you are feeling better and what a poet you are! I am utterly impressed. Merry Christmas!

Full of JOY said...

Holy creative!! LOVED reading this!! I feel all special and warm inside just picturing you guys. Awesome poem! So awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

you are quite the poet!! Well written!

gretchen said...

I know you said it is going to be a while...but maybe this will make it a little easier for you...I tagged you. You can read my blog for your instructions.

Merry Christmas Again!!!