Monday, April 07, 2008

A New Day

I think spring has sprung here in Columbus, Ohio. We've had two gorgeous days and a couple more are on the way. There's also a ton of rain, which is fine with me because I like my surroundings green! My windows are wide open and fresher air I've never breathed. Maybe the germs we're fostering in here will be gone with the wind and all the crazy sicknesses we've been dealing with will leave with them.

With the spring comes the bi-annual task of sorting through kids clothes, finding what still fits, and of course, re-stocking flip flops. Since they're all my kids wear througout the spring and summer, we go through quite a few pair by the time fall comes around again, but it's okay with me because they're wonderfully cheap. And of course with flip flop weather comes toenail polish, so Rory and I took care of that paint job yesterday afternoon.

The other thing I'm especially thankful for today is my deck. We built it on at the end of last summer, so we barely used it before winter hit. I feel like we have another room on our house now that we're out there so much.

It's nice to know that tonight during the kids' soccer practice, instead of shivering on the bleachers for an hour, I'll actually enjoy it.


gretchen said...

Yay spring! We are not quite to flip flop weather, but we are getting there. My mom sent me the most beautiful pansies bowl today--it smells amazing!

Full of JOY said...

wait a minute!! i thought you LIKED freezing?!!! i almost died picturing you and rors painting your toe nails... :0)

Eric said...

I think us here in MN need some pics of not only the green spring and such...but also of Jake at his soccer practice!